(Goodhew) is my new best friend in comfort! From the tennis court to running all around the restaurant, your socks have been a life-saver. Thank you for providing such a good product that is made with love. Goodhew is a company which is easy to stand behind. I'll never shop for socks anywhere but on the Goodhew website again!
—Allison, FL
Tough Mudder took place in Georgia on Saturday March 12th www.toughmudder.com It was a demanding 12.4 mile obstacle course race based off of the training exercises of the British Special Forces. It was well beyond a traditional mud run. 5 minutes into the race we were neck deep in freezing cold water and still had 12 miles to go. Some of the other obstacle highlights were carrying with a teammate a 8ft log for a 1/4 mile up and down hills on a wooded trail, diving 15ft off a plank into a pond then swimming 15 yards, and running 10 yards through mud while live electrical wires dangle in front of you. I (wore) my Black Goodhew Sport Footie socks. The best compliment I can pay Goodhew is that not once during the race did I notice my feet. I was sore on all other parts of my body but not my feet. I have no doubt the decision I made to wear these Goodhew socks helped me get to the finish line of Tough Mudder. Not only that but the socks withstood the pounding they took during Tough Mudder and after washing are back in my drawer ready for more wear!
—Kevin, GA
Just got some Goodhews and I am impressed. I like my feet to be happy so I am pretty particular about my socks. These are soft and comfy and give me good support. I also got some of the 100% merino tall socks to wear to work and have gotten compliments on the look, I was just glad to have comfy feet. Get out of your old white gym socks and treat your feet!
—Backcountry.com Customer
Just wanted you to know how much I love your socks...(I) find them to be a real value. They feel wonderful, wash well, keep their shape and I also like the different colors and styles. Just ordered 10 more pair for my daughter and daughter-in-law. I also just ordered some for my husband--hope he likes them as much as I do. Thank you so much for a great product made in the USA.
Goodhew makes a product that will rock your socks off....giving you cause to put on another pair of Goodhew's......that will also be rocked off.....a vicious (yet, deliciously comfortable) cycle.
—Happy Goodhew Customer
There are certain things in life that you just cannot imagine appreciating until you actually experience them. Socks would have never come to mind. How much improvement can be made over the standard cotton sock? Quite a bit, it turns out. My first pair of Goodhew socks didn't see any action for weeks after receiving them as a gift. My thought was, "Socks are socks, and I'm not buying into some sales pitch about the evils of cotton socks." Once I tried them, though, the difference in the quality of craftsmanship and quality of materials was immediately apparent. You can't put on a pair of Goodhew without being struck by the sense that feels something like "this is what a sock SHOULD be." My suggestion is this....give one pair of Goodhew a shot. That's all it will take. You can't NOT recognize them as a truly superior product.
—Matt, TN
I have learned to not always trust my first impressions when it comes to Goodhew (aka wool) socks. Initially, I thought the Bergamo socks would be too hot and thick since they had a cushioned sole; however, the soft, tight and amazingly comfortable socks blew me away. I currently work in law enforcement and I wear boots that are waterproof which only means that the boots do not breathe. Having dry and comfortable feet while working long hours on my feet is very important to me. I must say that the Bergamo socks made by Goodhew made all of the difference! Every step is like a constant reminder of how bad all of my other socks feel after a long day....I love how the Goodhew socks maintain a tight fit and never seem to stretch out. I would highly recommend these socks to anyone in law enforcement or anyone who spends long hours in work boots.
—Ben, TN
When I sell your socks to my customers I warn them that they are going to cry a little (even if they just cry on the inside) when their Goodhew socks are dirty and they have to wear their old socks the next day. They chuckle and say yeah right, but they come back and tell me I was right when they come in to buy more.
—Ben, IA
...I must say these Goodhew are the best! I have beat them hard and they are holding up. I sent a few pairs to be tested at the military test facility. The 50 wash cycle testing results were a pass. For me, they don't fall down!
—Loren, TN
I spent 4 days trekking in Peru, high in the Andes and into the edge of the Amazon Jungle. Of all the gear I hand-picked for this 36 mile trip with 7000 total feet of elevation gain and 5000 total feet of elevation loss, I was most impressed with my Taos Crew socks. I wore the same pair for the first 3 days of the hike...we hiked nearly 30 hours, often straight uphill or on unnerving downhill grades. Through all of that, my feet were kept warm at a misty/rainy 14,000 feet, and cool at a jungle-humid 8,500 feet. Prone to blisters, I had none on this trip...for that I'm incredibly thankful.
—Ellick, NC
These are great boxers. I've been more of a boxer-brief guy over the past 10 years or so, but these boxers make me want to replace my entire underwear drawer.The cotton feels like silk and they have a great sort of retro look.Great item, I'll be sure to buy more!
—Kurt, MA
We received Goodhew socks for Christmas and even after many washes, they are the most comfortable socks I've ever worn. Normally, socks go flat after a few washes. Not the Goodhew!
—Mike, FL
I have never found socks so nice! I will be buying only Goodhew products from now on. I'm completely hooked!
—James, MT
Goodhew socks are...the first socks I've ever put on my feet that seem to massage and support them like nothing I've placed on my feet before. I think the rest of my body is a little jealous as it has started having little pains ever since my feet became that comfortable.
—Larry, TN
I backcountry ski almost every weekend, so for Christmas all I asked for was ski socks. When I received a pair of Goodhew women's socks I was a little hesitant since I'd never heard of it. Well today I tried them out, in 6-30 degrees (F) temperatures and they worked great!! Definitely recommend them!
—Hollis, CO
Larry and I have met a lot of people on airplanes, but never anyone who followed up with a great product -- WOW -- we were tickled to get the socks -- with a handwritten note -- professional and courteous. You certainly know how to impress! Thanks so much from your new customers,
—Larry and Susan, CA
I have been very impressed with the socks that I was able to try and I can tell you I will be back to buy more and while I am at it I will be picking up some socks and boxers for my husband. These would make great Christmas gifts for anyone on your list who likes comfort.
—Jennifer, The Dirty Shirt Blog
News Channel 9 - The New World of Compression Socks
January 23, 2015

Chattanooga — Compression socks serve a lot of purposes, but they also sometimes come with a certain stigma. "What was availabe on the market before we launched Sockwell, we joked fell into two categories, ugly and uglier," says partner Jim Markley.

Enter Sockwell, and Goodhew, two brand names under one local roof that are knitted in an East Ridge facility. "Our typical sock has about 10 or 12 different yarns in it so they are complicated to make," says partner Thomas Lee. "It takes a sophisticated high end computer which is embedded in the machine."

It takes about 4 minutes to knit once each sock starts out as super fine merino wool or bamboo yarn, with elastic that's infused from the top of the sock to tail of the toe. Once the calf of the sock is knitted, an arm moves the "work in progress" to the other side of the machine where it's folded over, the opposite stitches are matched, and the toe is closed. "The beauty of the sewing mechanism is it creates a perfectly flat toe seam where there are no ribs or bumps," Lee says.

From the knitting floor to post-production, the socks are scoured, pre-shrunk and dried, and then pressed back into their original shape. All to bear the two brand names that carry a lot more than just a brightly-colored sock. "We decided to do a made in the USA brand," Markley says. "We wanted it to be home-grown wool, have a small carbon footprint so we super wash in South Carolina, we spin it there, and we knit it in Tennessee and North Carolina."

For a product that's made in our hometown and shipped across the country and the world. "You know that you've created something that certainly is impactful," says Lee.

To find some of the local retailers that sell Goodhew and Sockwell, click here: http://www.sockwell.us.com/retailers.html

High-Tech Socks - Get Out Chattanooga
January 15, 2015

To view the digital article, visit http://media.timesfreepress.com/epaper/GetOut/January2015/#page/37

Click here to view a PDF document

High-Tech Socks with a Local Twist - News Channel 3
August 23, 2012

(Chattanooga, TN — August 23, 2012) — Chattanooga is home to a sock company that is quietly making inroads in high performance footwear and changing the way you'll think about socks.

Goodhew has a small unassuming office on the southside of Chattanooga and only six employees, but the company is using American grown wool and bamboo and hi-tech knitting mills to produce what its customers are quickly embracing.

Jim Markley and Thomas Lee, the founding partners, have teamed up with designer Mercedes Marchand.

Goodhew makes socks for everyday living and for active sports. Its sister brand, Sockwell makes compression socks to deliver comfort and support to anyone of any age.

Markley says Sockwells are for nurses, baristas, travelers who sit for hours at a time as well as older folks who may have poor circulation.

Designer, Marchand says their socks provide thermo-regulating moisture management with no stink!

Markley says, "If you put the sock on someone, they get it, instantly!"

He says merino wool absorbs the moisture; it doesn't wick the moisture.

"So all day long," he says, "your body temperature helps the moisture evaporate."

Lee says their customers are looking for a sock that fits like a glove and the fit lasts.

He says, "They feel as good at the end of the day as they did when you put them on in the morning.

Marchand has combined her passion for fashion with the outdoor industry and wellness. Her artistic bent is evident when she talks about the vivid colors of the socks, both Goodhew and Sockwell.

She's excited about the products. She says Goodhew and Sockwell bring together all the components of things she's passionate about.

Marchand's background is impressive.

Markley says she's the best in their industry. She has extensive experience as a designer in New York with Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani and later worked with Markley at Smartwool.

Markley, Marchand and Lee are all glad to be making socks again and making them in the United States.

Markley says, "There's a lot of feet in the world and we're going to put a sock on every one of them if we can!"

Goodhew Enhances Spring Collection with Style and Modern Craft
July 28, 2011

Chattanooga, TN — July 28, 2011 — Goodhew, the leader in premium lifestyle socks crafted in the USA, launches a fresh approach to the Spring '12 collection. Rebranding includes a modern new logo and clean packaging, with contemporary designs and colors that will inspire.

"A sock for every walk in the walk of life isn't just a tag line for Goodhew, it's a company mission," notes Mercedes Marchand, VP of Design and visionary behind the new look. "The Spring '12 collection builds upon cornerstones of the brand with optimistic styling, and colors that let wearers have fun with their individual style."

Thanks to Marchand, a fresh look is emerging throughout the sock collections and women's offerings with crisp new colors like Watermillion, Turquoise, Honeydew, and Guava. Exciting modern designs and patterns put a spring in every step.

The Lifestyle Essentials category for Women includes two new styles, Lo Liner and Luxy Lo. The barely-there Lo Liner ($11.99) constructed of Goodhew's signature Cashmerino/Bamboo provides a hidden protective layer between you and your shoe. The Cashmerino Luxy Lo ($13.99) provides luxurious performance in a sporty street style look.

Women's Lifestyle Designs are compelling, optimistic, and fun with fresh colors and patterns available in single units, for a suggested retail of ($13.99 — 15.99), and in Goodhew's popular 2-Pack combinations ($21.99). The contemporary color blocks, dots, and stripes to eclectic madras plaids and florals, will pop on in-store displays, if retailers can keep them on the shelves!

The Women's Outdoor Sedona styles have been reinvented in a micro and quarter length ($14.99), and are crafted with Lambswool/Alpaca for natural temperature and moisture management. In addition they provide the perfect blend of durability, softness and technology.

Goodhew has also added a twist to the traditional Men's Lifestyle, adding just the right amount of fun. Plum and Guava add a splash to the Essential Milan ($15.99) and the 3 basic B's of black, brown and blue. The modern Bandwidth and Latitude, the Mélange Stripe and Tattersall styles ($16.99) add design and a hit of color just under the pant leg. New 2-Pack combinations of the Montrose and Ziggy, are available for $27.99, meaning retailers and customers don't have to pick just one!

Spring '12 is shining bright for Goodhew, retailers and customers alike. Stop by booth 31196W to catch spring fever in August.

Goodhew to Expand Distribution to Canada
July 27, 2011

Chattanooga, TN — July 27, 2011 — Premium sock crafter, Goodhew, is launching their recently rebranded sock line and their new Sockwell® brand in Canada. With the help of Julie Skirving, their new Canadian consultant, Goodhew is thrilled to be offering their extremely popular line of socks for 'every walk in the walk of life'™ to their neighbors to the north. Skirving brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the brand. She originally worked with Jim Markley, co-owner of Goodhew, during his time at Smartwool and most recently was general manager at Overland Equipment. With the combination of her extensive brand building experience and knowledge of the Canadian marketplace, Skirving will be a great asset for the expansion of Goodhew throughout Canada.

"It is very exciting to be a part of the launching of the Goodhew and Sockwell brands to Canada," states Skirving. "I have tremendous confidence in Jim Markley and am so happy to have the opportunity to work with him again in this capacity."

"I am looking forward to working with Julie once again," says Markley. "She has the knowledge, energy and expertise to help us launch Goodhew & SockWell in Canada".

Summer 2011 Goodhew® Road Trips with Expedition Y
June 9, 2011

Chattanooga, TN — June 9, 2011 — Goodhew, LLC knows that a successful venture begins with comfortable socks. Which is why Goodhew is providing product to the trio from Expedition Y, for their 15,000 mile journey criss-crossing the United States to gain insight into the future of American leadership and explore the great wildernesses through trail running. Expedition Y began this week in Goodhew's own backyard of Chattanooga, TN.

Expedition Y (XPY) was founded by dedicated trail runners and brothers Fynn and Ry Glover of Chattanooga, TN, and Russell Himelein of Wilmington, DE, to study Generation Yʼs leadership potential throughout the United States and link critical conversations to the trail.

"We believe that in order to love a place, and therefore be willing to protect it, a person must have an intimate understanding of that place," says XPY co-founder Fynn Glover. "We worry that our own generation has become more divorced from the natural world than ever before."

The three founders will spend the summer traveling 15,000 miles around the United States by car, interviewing college students and recent graduates at over 30 universities and encouraging everyone to get out and run, in Goodhews of course. They plan to conduct interviews to understand the degree to which college students are thinking critically about core challenges to the US and beyond. The team looks forward to experiencing the awe inspiring beauty of running in hundreds of the country's most wild places with college students they meet along the way, in an effort to link more people to the wilderness and elevate Generation Y's experiential understanding of the outdoors.

"Expedition Y shares our Goodhew forward-thinking company spirit," says Jim Markely, Goodhew co-founder. "Instead of saying, 'yes, someone should find a solution,' XPY is going out to find the solution and make a difference and it's always easier to make a difference when your feet feel great!"

In the spirit of their generation, XPY will produce a documentary film and photographic catalog of their journey, utilize social media to share their experiences and promote the woods that launched the project, the wilderness and recreational assets of Chattanooga.

Be sure to check out the team's website at www.ExpeditionY.com. They'll offer daily blog, photo and video updates.

Introducing Sockwell® – A Goodhew® Solution
June 9, 2011

Chattanooga, TN — June 9, 2011 — Goodhew, crafters of superior and innovative lifestyle socks, is eager to introduce its highly anticipated collection, Sockwell. This new brand is Goodhew's solution to foot discomfort, enabling customers to feel better and be better. The therapeutic line debuts this fall with two sock styles, graduated compression and relaxed fit, in six fun colors, including a circling of stripes.

"Our goal with Sockwell is to craft therapeutic socks that combine natural, high performance yarns, cutting edge knitting techniques, and a fresh eye for design and color," according to Mercedes Marchand, Goodhew's VP of Design and Merchandising.

Marchand, who has been at the forefront of the Sockwell project, recently graduated from the Eneslow Pedorthic Institute, to deepen her understanding of foot and leg anatomy and pathologies, and how best to address specific foot issues.

Sockwell's 15-20mmHG Graduated Compression Socks are designed for all-day wear. Whether you are standing or sitting for prolonged periods or traveling, these socks are the solution to minimizing tired feet and legs and maximizing circulation. Goodhew's signature Cashmerino/bamboo blend keeps feet dry and at the perfect temperature.

Sockwell's Relaxed Fit socks are diabetic-friendly, fashion-forward and won't bind or irritate. Their gentle fit, ultra smooth toe closure, and soft cushion combined with the natural moisture management and thermoregulation of Cashmerino/Bamboo protect and pamper feet.

Goodhew® – The Sock for Every Walk in the Walk of Life™
June 9, 2011

Chattanooga, TN — June 9, 2011 — Goodhew's powerhouse leadership team of Jim Markley, Thomas Lee and Mercedes Marchand are passionate about socks, and they are on a mission to make Goodhew the sock for every walk in the walk of life. Building on a strong base of unique yarn combinations, knowledge of knitting techniques and deep experience, the trio is examining the brand from heel to toe. A new logo, redesigned packaging and launch of the Sockwell brand are just a few of the rebranding elements for this hot, young brand.

Marchand joined Goodhew as VP of Design and Merchandising at the beginning of the year, to further the company's combination of natural yarns, cutting edge technology, fresh design and color. Marchand, who has spent her career in the hosiery industry, including the past eight years pioneering the lifestyle sock movement at Smart Wool, recently graduated from the Eneslow Pedorthic Institute, in New York.

"At Goodhew we are growing an exceptional brand and developing exceptional products to make a difference in everyday life and the bigger community," says Marchand. "With my Eneslow certification, I am able to bring a deeper understanding of foot evaluation, compression hosiery and how best to address specific foot issues to the design process."

Sockwell, a Goodhew Solution, debuts fall 2011, and features therapeutic socks that combine Goodhew's high performance yarns, cutting edge knitting techniques with fun colors and design. The Graduated Compression sock is designed for those who spend long days on their feet, travelers and athletes, to minimize tired legs and maximize circulation. The Relaxed Fit sock is diabetic friendly, won't bind or irritate and provides soft cushion, natural moisture management and thermoregulation to protect and pamper feet.

Goodhew's savvy team of innovators looks to the company's heritage of American craftsmanship, high performance, innovative design and fiber combinations and responsible business, as considerations in every aspect of product, packaging, suppliers and manufacturing, thus cementing brand cohesiveness and the company as stewards of the Modern Craft movement.

"The global economy is at a critical juncture regarding sustainability, quality, ethical manufacturing practices and value," according to Markley. "At Goodhew, we focus on doing business the right way, providing a quality, fashionable and sustainable product and directing our manufacture to the US."

Tuxedo Road : Fall into Fitness
January 5, 2011

Sock it to the treadmill wearing Goodhew Outdoor Tech. A pair of these socks provides style and comfort. They also feature arch support, mesh breather panels, cushioned soles and flat toe seams.

Click here to view a PDF document

Goodhew Launches Premium 2-Pack Sock Collection
December 16, 2010

Chattanooga, TN — July 13, 2010 — Goodhew will expand their unique product offering this fall with the debut of their new premium 2-pack program. The 2-pack collection delivers a high quality product at the right price to the consumer while simultaneously providing excellent gross margins for the retailer, all while maintaining Goodhew's commitment to producing socks in the USA.

The collection will launch early fall, just in time for the fall hiking season and holiday. The Goodhew 2-packs will be available in four categories: men's and women's Performance Lifestyle, Performance Athletic, the current Light and Medium Hiking collection, and the new Outdoor Tech Lite collection. According to co-founder, Jim Markley, the Goodhew premium 2-pack collection will provide retailers with excellent margins and offer greater gross dollars per 2-pack verses selling a single sock from a premium brand. According to a recent gear review on Backpacker magazine's web site, this strategy makes sense. "At $19.99 for a two-pack of the Light Hiker (and $21.99/pack for the Medium Hiker), I wasn't afraid to experiment with these good hiking socks by taking them on my soggy trout trek," says Joe Flowers a gear tester for backpacker.com. "Getting a two pack of American-made merino wool for under $22 is a steal in my opinion." Goodhew's ultimate goal in launching the premium 2-pack collection is to give retailers and consumers a superior technical product at an immense value. The 2-packs will be priced from $19.99 to $27.99. The new Outdoor Tech Lite 2-pack, available in crew and quarter styles, is a merino wool, high performance sock that incorporates the Goodhew Fit System for extra support in the ankle, arch and in-step and mesh zones along the foot for enhanced breathability. This fit system ensures that your sock will be bunch-free, slip-free, and always stays in place giving an all day performance fit. The full collection of Goodhew premium socks will be available to view at booth 29176W throughout the Summer Market Outdoor Retailer Trade Show. For more information and a look at the entire Goodhew collection visit www.goodhew.us.com.

About Goodhew Socks fitted and styled for the 21st century, the Goodhew brand is the soul of performance, the air of style, and the principles of social responsibility. High-performance for the everyday world, Goodhew is the perfect blend of superior quality materials and superb design. Each sock uses spandex throughout for the perfect fit, incorporates flat-toe seams for the utmost in comfort, and incorporates many other features to enhance comfort and fit. Their yarn combination choices include Merino Wool, Lambswool/Alpaca, Cashmerino, Cashmerino/bamboo and Merino Wool/ Coolmax®. Fibers are chosen for superior breathability, cushioning and moisture management. The styles are modern classic and ultra chic. www.goodhew.us.com ###

Goodhew 2-Pack Hiker: Wilson's
May 13, 2010

I find it incredible how few reviews there are out there about socks. Footwear reviews can be found all over the internet, for jungle boots, desert boots, hiking sandals, kayaking shoes, camp moccasins and even tent slippers. Yet I have only found a handful of reviews out there about what is worn between our feet and footwear. Our feet are incredibly important to our health, especially in the wilderness. Coming from many years of severe ingrown toenails, bad blisters and sprained ankles, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that a simple foot problem can be debilitating in the backwoods.

With that being said, I have spent years wearing different brands, from some high-end models, to army marching socks, to low-priced sales bin socks. The search for a comfortable, durable and protective sock that can handle the Canadian woodlands and hilltops has continued for years now. So when I was offered the chance to try on a pair of Goodhew socks, I figured my search was continuing on.

A pair of Medium & Light Hiker Socks arrived the day I was heading out to the woods for two weeks, to clean up my main campsite, lead some small programs and basically avoid civilization. Upon holding them in my hands I decided to put them to the test. For two weeks, I would wear this single pair of socks with my jungle boots. The only exceptions would be when I had to cool my feet down by wearing sandals or going barefoot.

The wool content of these socks was 68%, and it was Merino wool. From my past of wearing woolens in all seasons, I knew I'd love that. Merino wool is ultra-soft, very comfortable, and compared to many other types of wool, very hard wearing. It also quickly absorbs and evaporates perspiration (the whole concept of wicking) compared to other fabrics. You don't want a pure wool sock, because this will not wear for long. Pure wool is not very durable, and so other materials need to be added. Some brands just find something cheap like polyester (in fleece form) which can make the sock uncomfortable by "pilling". Goodhew chose to go with 30% stretch nylon, a flexible and long wearing fabric that is nearly invisible to the foot. The final 2% of the fabric is spandex, which Goodhew states is throughout the entire sock, offering flexibility and a snug fit. Sliding the socks on for the first time, I had to admit that they seemed to fit as if they were made for my foot (a hard statement for a guy with size 14 shoes!). The 68% wool blended with nylon is just a right mix it seemed, and I rarely had to wear my sandals, due to the natural thermoregulation of the wool, blended with the breathability of the nylon. The socks are said to have arch support, and I assume this is from the spandex and stretch nylon. Though I couldn't notice any obvious support, my ankles and arches never seemed to ache.

As the first week finished, I pulled the socks off and looked at them. Obviously the first thing I noticed was the smell, but honestly, with my feet that is expected! However I noticed soon after that they seemed fine, other than some mud and sweat, they didn't seem to be flattened, stretched or deformed by my feet. With a lot of wool socks, within an hour of drying off of a sweaty foot, they seem to turn to cardboard. The next morning I was not looking forward to what the socks looked like, let alone felt like on my feet.

When I awoke I reached for the socks and felt that they were dry. I also felt that they were soft. I slipped the socks back on and wiggled my toes around. No crusted regions at all. I grinned and slipped my boots on. As I hiked around for a few more days, I began to get more abusive; taking my boots off and walking down gravel roads in just the socks, wading through boggy marshes and swamps (full of tannins), scuffing my heels.

Wool is the preferred fabric for socks in the Canadian woods for simple reasons; it remains insulative even when soaked, it is a natural thermoregulator, and it cushions the foot well which helps to cut down on blisters. These socks were no different than others in that aspect. However they remained comfortable and in fine condition after two weeks in the woods. When I returned from the woods I put them through a single washing and they looked as good as new. They were rugged enough for the harsh treatment that I gave them, and they paid back in smiles for miles. I cannot say that they are perfect, nor can I call them the "miracle sock" simply because they may not be perfect for every person in every climate in terrain. However, for the majority of the Canadian wilderness, you can bet I will have a pair of Goodhew socks on my feet or in my pack.

Caleb "Oz" Musgrave is a Bushcraft and Survival instructor from Ontario, Canada, who specializes in long term wilderness living, and primitive technology.

Goodhew Deepens Their Niche with Debut of 2010 Products
December 8, 2009

Chattanooga, TN — December 7, 2009 — Goodhew LLC, manufacturer of high-performance lifestyle socks is staking their claim in the competitive hosiery market by providing the most comfortable, stylish, and technical socks available for everyday activities. Launched in 2008, founders Jim Markley, former SmartWool VP of sales, and Thomas Lee, design and development expert and former VP at Crescent Hosiery Mills, tackled a crowded market by offering retailers a lifestyle brand that uses unique yarn construction and design features.

Goodhew's concept is paying off as the company looks forward to 2010 and the release of four product debuts. All of the product updates feature Goodhew's range of premier construction with flat toe seams, ring-toe cushioning, Y-heel construction, arch support and turn welt tops.

The Bergamo, made with Goodhew's Cashermino™ wool, (super fine 19.5 and below micron count) is a cushioned variety of the popular Milan. With such a luxurious yarn combination, it is "the finest cushioned casual lifestyle sock ever made," according to Markley. The Bergamo follows on the successes of the women's Padua and men's Milan to round out this luxury line. With Cashmerino, consumers get the comfort of cashmere and the durability of wool, all priced between $14.99 and $16.99.

Two new footie styles are debuting for spring '10 — the Freedom and the Dragonfly. The Freedom Footie takes all the benefits of the popular holiday Independence Day Crew sock and fits it into a footie for maximum breathability and comfort during spring and summer months. The Dragonfly offers a fun, youthful design with bright color accents that are sure to provide a colorful burst to your in-store displays. These women's styles carry an MSRP of $12.99

The Taos and Sedona, from the Lambswool/Alpaca "MBA" Collection, have been redesigned and refined with a yarn that produces a softer sock, updated technical elements and bright colors. They will be available for spring '10, in men's and women's Micro styles at $13.99.

Merino Wool/Coolmax athletic socks will now be using Eco-Coolmax for a softer sock and more resilient cushioning to take all the pounding you can dish out. Plus, they still provide the great thermal regulation and moisture management customers expect. The line includes men's and women's sizing in the Sport Crew, Sport Quarter and Sport Micro styles with prices ranging from $11.99 — $12.99. "In today's world, companies are continually cutting corners on products to reduce costs. The Goodhew approach is to design products with the utmost care so that all of the critical details come together to define the perfect wearing experience," notes co-founder Jim Markley. "Our products are constructed of unique yarn combinations designed to incorporate all the features that ensure superior fit and comfort for everyday wear." Samples of the new products will be on display during the Winter Market Outdoor Retailer trade show in January '10. Goodhew will also be hosting an Extreme Sock Drawer Makeover at their booth 162 and giving an abundance of socks to a lucky retailer or journalist day one, two, and three of the show. Stop by for a chance to win. About Goodhew Socks fitted and styled for the 21st century, the Goodhew brand is the perfect blend of high-performance materials and superb design. At home on the Appalachian Trail as well as in the office, Goodhew uses spandex throughout every sock for the perfect fit, incorporates flat-toe seams for the utmost in comfort, and uses many other features to enhance comfort and fit. The Goodhew Thread Architects have an eye for the right combinations of materials and design. Their yarn combination choices include Merino Wool, Lambswool/Alpaca, Cashmerino, Cashmerino/bamboo and Merino Wool/ Coolmax®. Fibers are chosen for superior breathability, cushioning and moisture management. The styles are modern classic and ultra chic. www.goodhew.us.com ###

Stuff the Stockings with the new Goodhew Holiday Collection
October 20, 2009

Chattanooga, TN — Oct 14, 2009 — Goodhew LLC, manufacturer of high-performance lifestyle socks, announces today the arrival of their holiday '09 collection, available at retail next week.

The holiday offering includes two men's styles that are part of the Cashmerino™ collection, a unique, high-quality super fine Merino Wool that boasts a 18.5 micron count and delivers the luxurious feel of cashmere. The collection includes the Bergamo II, a stylish and sleek sock that offers a cushioned sole. Another addition, the Clark Cable is patterned with a cable for subtle design flair. Both mid-calf styles offer spandex throughout, color varieties, arch support, and a flat toe seam. MSRP ranges from $14.99 — $16.99.

The women's holiday collection includes two styles created from the brands very popular, high-quality Merino Wool/Bamboo combination. The supple feel of the socks are paired with fun and unique designs including the Independence Day pattern and the Tic Tac Toe link pattern. Also new for holiday is the Skinny Minnie, a Cashmerino/Bamboo sock that offers the best in yarn attributes for those demanding a great everyday sock. These mid-calf designs also utilize spandex throughout for an enhanced fit. All women's styles will carry an MSRP of $14.99.

"We are very pleased to offer these new styles, all constructed in the USA, to existing and new Goodhew retailers," says co-founder, Jim Markley. "The best part about this program and all Goodhew sock collections is that we offer 'just-in-time' manufacturing, meaning we are prepared to immediately restock your POP's throughout the best time of the year for the sock business."

Goodhew seeking to simplify the sock business
July 22, 2009

Right about the time Goodhew was knitting its first batch of socks, the U.S. economy was coming unraveled. Conventional wisdom would suggest that the summer of 2008 was a risky time to launch a company — particularly one like socks that would face an already crowded market.

But Goodhew, based in Chattanooga, Tenn. (www.goodhew.us.com), has proven to be anything but conventional. Unlike most sock manufacturers serving the outdoor industry, Goodhew uses just-in-time manufacturing, which does not require dealers to make huge preseason orders and allows them to order small quantities frequently. Also, Goodhew focuses on the lifestyle segment of the sock business, rather than producing socks for things like hiking and running. These two strategies have helped Goodhew quickly gain a foothold in the sock world. Within a year, it has established 160 retail accounts, with 35 percent of these being outdoor specialty retailers, and 65 percent being comfort shoe and men's specialty retailers.

Goodhew's methods of manufacturing and managing inventory seem to be especially attractive to dealers.

"They're really making it as simple as possible for the retailer," said Jonathan Scott, a buyer for Rock/Creek in Chattanooga, Tenn. Last fall, Rock/Creek made a modest investment to bring in a good representation of the Goodhew line, and Goodhew allows the store to place orders each week to replenish its stock. The greatest advantage is that Rock/Creek hasn't had to guess what would sell over a six-month period. "Since we don't have to carry a lot of stock, we can react to trends quickly," Scott told SNEWS®. "If something is not selling, you don't have a lot of inventory you have to sit on. That's a huge help in managing costs and keeping things flowing at a good pace."

Goodhew co-founder Jim Markley said that just-in-time manufacturing is a core element of the company. Markley was one of the first SmartWool employees and worked on the sales team from 1994 to 2006. "SmartWool was one of the best things that ever happened to me," he said, but one aspect of the business bothered him. "One of the most aggravating things I ever had to do was book out all these programs for six months, and then every month you'd spend crazy time trying to readjust the orders."

When Markley and Goodhew's other co-founder, Thomas Lee, decided to launch a new sock company, they wanted to operate differently. "Our concept from a business point of view was to make life as easy as possible for the retailer," said Lee.

Before he helped launch Goodhew, Lee was executive vice president of Crescent Hosiery Mills in Tennessee, which made socks for SmartWool during its first eight years. Lee and Markley not only brought great knowledge of the sock market to their new venture, but they had also developed strong relationships with mills in the Southeast. As a result, they were able to work deals with the mills to allow Goodhew to place smaller minimum manufacturing orders than is customary. Because Goodhew can do small production runs frequently, it can take weekly orders from retailers and ship them products within a couple of days. "They place orders every Monday, and we get them product by Wednesday," said Markley.

"And because we're not requiring huge preseason orders, we didn't have to put a large slug of inventory into the warehouse, and then figure out what to do if it didn't sell because the economy collapsed," Lee told SNEWS.

Also key to the company's success is the fact that it keeps its SKU count low by offering only two sizes of socks for men and two sizes for women. Goodhew socks are made of merino wool, bamboo and CoolMax and the company also uses a conservative range of colors and patterns that will suit most people. This contrasts greatly with most sock manufacturers in the outdoor market, which have increased their SKU counts to serve every niche outdoor activity and have broadened their colors and patterns to be more fashionable, Markley told us.

"If you look at the brands out there, they're all sport-specific and competing over one big pie," said Markley. "We don't have 12 categories; we have one category — lifestyle. And it's much easier to manage one category."

Through unique construction and a greater use of Lycra than is typical, these two sizes fit 95 percent of foot types, said Lee, which also helps retailers as there is less inventory in terms of sizes for them to carry. "We don't have to have the bookends of the size chart and can eliminate what we don't really need," said Scott. "We can represent more product that's actually going to turn."

Rock/Creek's Scott also said he appreciates that his margin on Goodhew socks is in the high 50s. According to Markley, retailers can make a small commitment to the line and get a margin of 54 points. "They can get a 4-percent to 6-percent discount to reach 56 to 57 points," he said. "If they make a full commitment, they can get to the 59-point level."

The price points of Goodhew socks range from $12.99 to $16.99, with the heart of sales at $14.99. That's $3 to $4 less than lifestyle socks from other brands.

Jill Penn, a Goodhew sales rep for the Rockies territory, said the price points, margins, product focus and just-in-time manufacturing make the line "foolproof," and she has no doubt that Goodhew's business model has helped her open doors. "I've opened 55 stores since we went live in October, and I have 27 opening in the next eight weeks. It's a lot faster pace than what we would have thought," she said. "It's really nurturing the retailer and really supporting them in knowing they are not stuck carrying the inventory. It's a great business model." --Marcus Woolf

Goodhew Enters Partnership with Sanita Clogs;
July 7, 2009

Contact: Coral Darby / Darby Communications coral@darbycommunications.com 828.254.0914 / 828.230.0170 (mb)

Stephanie Austin / Sanita Clogs, Inc. Stephanie.a@sanitaclogs.com 951.216.6988 / 951.551.2935 (mb)

Chattanooga, TN — June 11, 2009 — Goodhew, LLC, a leading designer and marketer of lifestyle, high‐performance socks and fine‐apparel accessories, announces today a partnership with Sanita Clogs Inc, the US division of the original Danish clog maker Sanita Footwear A/S. This relationship couples socks knit with the highest quality materials with Sanitas' distinguished European craftsmanship to offer a complete footwear experience epitomizing comfort and fashion. The Sanita Collection by Goodhew will consist of women's Merino Wool/Bamboo socks.

"We are very excited about this relationship," notes Jim Markley, co‐founder and partner of Goodhew. "We have assembled a line of beautifully designed socks that offer polish and performance that directly parallels the custom quality and fashion savvy of the Sanita clog. Each sock is made with the finest performance yarns and is packed with features that ensure optimal comfort and wearing enjoyment."

"Sanita Clogs, Inc. is extremely excited about it's new partnership with Goodhew," states President and CEO, Gene Kunde, "we believe their craftsmanship and product offering are a perfect complement to our products," Kunde concluded.

The Sanita Collection, made with Goodhew's custom manufactured Merino Wool/Bamboo yarn, will debut at this summers' Outdoor Retailer Tradeshow in late July. The complete line of Goodhew socks can be previewed at booth 29180w. The Sanita Collection will be available at retail October 1, 2009.

About Goodhew Goodhew socks, styled and constructed for the 21st century, employ the perfect blend of high‐performance materials and superb design. Made from Merino and alpaca wool, bamboo, and EcoCoolMax™, the socks include spandex for perfect fit, flat toe seams for unsurpassed comfort, and additional comfort enhancing features. The result: Goodhew socks are at home on all kinds of terrain, whether it's the Appalachian Trail or the urban office. www.goodhew.us.com

About Sanita Clogs, Inc. Sanita Clogs, Inc. is the US division of the original Danish clog maker Sanita Footwear A/S. Headquartered in Southern California, the Company is the exclusive distributor of the handcrafted European made Sanita products to premium footwear retailers across the US. Sanita's inspiration is based on the Danish word "hygge", translated to mean "making everything cozy". Utilizing innovative designs and precise standards, the Company provides clogs that are comfortable and the latest in fashion. Sanita clogs have been awarded the "Seal of Acceptance" by the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) for its quality and comfort. Today, Sanita distributes its footwear in over 40 countries around the world. www.sanitaclogs.com ###

Goodhew is listed in USA TODAY's Holiday Gift Guide!
December 4, 2008

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Goodhew Apparel Accessories
August 1, 2008

Chattanooga, TN (08/01/08) — Introducing Goodhew, luxury lifestyle socks that are packed with hidden high performance. Creating the best socks on earth is serious business. Goodhew has designed and brought to market a line of stylish casual and dress sock that are constructed of the finest materials, packed with performance features, and manufactured by the world's best manufacturers. Goodhew is uniquely positioned for the emergence of Performance Lifestyle as a sock category unto itself.

Jim Markley and Thomas Lee started Goodhew in May, 2008 and in doing so bring with them over 20 years of sock making expertise. Markley began his sock career as one of the first employees of SmartWool® where he served as VP of Sales for 12 years. Markley's background in bringing new sock styles, designs and categories to market perfectly compliments Lee's strengths. As Vice President of Crescent Mills, Lee worked with a number of well recognized sock brands including Smartwool, Polo, DKNY, and many others . Mr. Lee's experience in sock design and development, manufacturing, logistics and finance balance Mr. Markley's experience in sales and marketing.

Lee and Markely were fueled by a desire to create the world's finest socks for everyday wear. They wanted to make the kind of products that once you have worn them, you can't imagine living without. Using the finest fibers — Merino wool, Alpaca, bamboo, and CoolMax® — Goodhew has elevated Performance Lifestyle to a new level of comfort and sophistication in socks. These luxury fibers, combined with performance features like an all-spandex sock construction, arch braces, y-heel construction and undeniable, understated looks make Goodhew socks ideal for anyone who wants to do it all, without sacrificing comfort, style or durability.

In addition to building the best lifestyle socks available, Goodhew has made a commitment to being a superior partner to its retailers. The Goodhew Retailer Commitment, found on the back of the company's Dealer workbook, outlines Goodhew's efforts towards making the business interaction between Goodhew and the retailer as smooth as possible. Key elements of the retailer Commitment include offering in-stock shipping programs, rapid turnaround of orders, and an ongoing commitment to seeking the most innovative ways to service our customers.

One of the many challenges facing business owners today is operating responsibly. Goodhew takes this seriously too. Goodhew products are constructed almost exclusively of natural, renewable materials. Fibers such as wool, bamboo, alpaca and cotton are renewable resources, and Goodhew consciously sources from only the most sustainable, environmentally friendly producers and manufacturers for their yarns and fabric. Goodhew packaging is printed on recycled paper stock, and product outer case packs are designed to promote maximum density to allow for the most fuel efficient shipping possible. All Goodhew socks are made in the USA by the world's finest manufacturers, supporting local economies and using fewer resources.

Goodhew socks will be available at retail starting 10/1/2008.